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Chemical industry

There is no need to write much about the great role of the chemical industry in the economy, it is the basis for the other industries as well as for transport. It is one of the most demanding industries due to hazardous working conditions, high temperatures and chemicals. All this requires the use of industrial automation solutions to control the parameters of production processes, reduce waste and increase safety.

One of the first Pro-Control automation projects was the modernization at nitrogen plant Zakłady Azotowe Włocławek.

We were also selected to cooperate in the launch of the first plant of anhydrous ethanol added to fuels in Poland. This project range of activities best illustrate the numbers:

  • more than valve control systems
  • more than flow measurements
  • more than 180 temperature measurements
  • more than 70 pressure measurements
  • about 100 level measurements.

Other examples of succesful projects in industrial automation in the chemical industry include:

  • comprehensive expansion and modernization of the vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride production lines
  • comprehensive modernization of production lines based on Siemens Simatic PCS7 computer weight control system
  • Simatic S7-300 tank measurement system
  • electrical project and software for the installation of gel preparation and transport
  • modernization of the computer control system, including:
    • New software for the SIMATIC S7-400 driver,
    • ASIX visualization system software modification,
    • Modification of remote terminal software.
  • monitoring of production media with an SMS / e-mail alert notification system
  • industrial wastewater treatment plant – sewage neutralization, hydrochloric acid distribution installation
  • chlor-organic sewage treatment plant
  • ammonium nitrate dedusting installation.

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