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Migrations of systems from different manufacturers. 

We offer complete modernization of the control system and conversion of software and visualization applications. We guarantee implementation with minimal downtime of the facility. We offer an installation audit to evaluate your existing system and select the best upgrade option. 

Selected migrations of digital systems: 

  • Migration of control from SIMATIC S5-135U to SIMATIC S7-414 
  • Migration of the Water Treatment Station control system (12 x SIMATIC S5 + InTouch) based on the SIMATIC S7-400H controller
  • Modernization of the TELEPERM X 0.3 system based on the SIMATIC PCS7 system
  • Modernization of the control system for the yoghurt production line (SIMATIC S5-115U to SIMATIC S7-300) 
  • Modernization of the control and visualization system based on the SIMATIC S7 and PCS7 systems