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Power engineering

Modernization of the boiler control system based on the PCS 7 system in the Combined Heat and Power Plant

PRO-CONTROL started cooperation with the power plant EC NOWA in 2011. The aim of the modernization at the plant was to replace the outdated TELEPERM system with the modern Siemens PCS7 system.

System description

Scope of the implementation was: 

  • Preparation of technical documentation of the digital system,
  • System software,
  • Assembly of prefabricated elements of the digital system,
  • Factory FAT and field SAT tests,
  • Field assembly for parts digital,
  • Commissioning,
  • Training for operators.

The system included: 

  1. SIMATIC PCS7 process control system
    • S7-414H process station, including:
      • Two independent central units S7-414H,
      • Two independent Industrial Ethernet communication processors for each CPU,
      • Redundant CPU synchronization modules.
    • I / O module cards (ET200M):
      • Support 520 DI, 180 DO, 210 AI, 40AO.
    • The operator’s part, including:
      • Two four-monitor operator stations,
      • Central unit with RAID 1 (HOT-SWAP) disk array, with SIEMENS OS Single Station software with SIEMENS CP1623 dual communication cards,
      • AS 414H process station.
  2. Applied communication buses:
    • Industrial Ethernet operator,
    • System FastEthernet,
    • Object-oriented Profibus DP.
  3. Rittal system cabinets for the installation of system components and separation, equipped with power supplies, protection devices, intermediate relays for discrete outputs:
    • Dispatch and control desks.

The applied PCS7 system enabled the generation and comprehensive handling of process and system alarms. The transparent and logical alarm management system implemented in the PCS7 system means that even in the event of an exceptionally large number of alarms, their efficient operation is possible, and no alarm will be overlooked. The created alarm database provides the possibility of viewing it with any defined filters. Thanks to the use of modern solutions in the control system, device operators gained quick access to the most important process data.



The diagnostic tools included in the Siemens PCS7 system also improved the technical service of the installation. In addition, the replacement of practically complete apparatus and communication infrastructure ensured high reliability of the modernized installation. The flexibility of the system allows for its further expansion in the future.

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