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Power engineering

Diagnostic tools in modern industrial automation systems for the energy industry ensure high installation reliability, stability and improve technical service. Access to the most important process data, or alarm management systems facilitate the coordination of power plants or heat and power plants, prevent failures and shorten their time. Pro-Control has performed many modernization of control systems and system migration.

Examples of completed projects in the energy industry:

  • DCS SIEMENS PCS7 system at the Siekierki CHP plant: construction of a biomass reception and transport control system with an additional dedusting system, including:
    • development of a detailed project
    • development and implementation of control algorithms in the PCS7 system
    • integration with the carburizing system
    • integration with the general PI supervisory system
    • project, software, commissioning and as-built documentation
  • replacement of the Teleperm XP system with the PCS7 system in the EC Nowa power plant (see full project description), including:
    • development of new control algorithms (based on the analysis of algorithms from the Teleperm system)
    • replacement of operator stations and an engineering station
    • replacement of communication network infrastructure
    • concept, scheme, software
  • construction of a carburizing control system – Siemens PCS7 distributed digital system, including:
    • full system redundancy
    • implementation of the reporting system
    • modernization of the automation system of the sewage treatment plant
  • comprehensive modernization of the operating water control system in unit 8 and modification of the operating water collector in the 200 MW unit
  • modernization of the digital carburizing system, including upgrade of the Siemens PCS7 application software to version 7.1
  • connection of belt scales and coal sampling station to the carburization control system

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