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SCADA control systems are the backbone of any automated production line. From the control of individual functions to the provision of system-wide information, these three components ensure continuous production. Moreover, they ensure the necessary level of safety and reliability of each system through constant control of devices and an alarm system informing about occurring faults. 

SCADA control systems 

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, i.e. Supervision, Control and Data Collection. SCADA systems are responsible for centralized supervision over industrial facilities. The architecture of a typical system includes all devices that are controlled by a central computer through units called RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units). 

Central control unit 

The central unit of the SCADA system has a double role. On the one hand, it is designed to provide information about the system (readings of indicators, device status) to the operator in a readable form. On the other hand, SCADA control systems enable the operator to control the operation of the system and devices by introducing changes within strictly defined procedures. 

Automatic device control 

The interaction of the SCADA system with the operator is most often based on warning signals and alarms. After detecting an unusual situation or failure in the devices, the SCADA system informs the operator to remove the problem. However, with the increase in computing power of computers, modern systems are able to automatically deal with many problems that arise. Eliminating the human factor in such cases increases reliability and safety. 

Process visualization 

The SCADA system interface enables the operator to visualize the processes taking place in the system in the form of two or three-dimensional diagrams, presented on a computer screen. SCADA control systems are also equipped with software that allows operators to edit these diagrams in graphical mode, which allows for convenient and almost intuitive control of the system. 

Cooperation with other systems 

The SCADA system controls industrial facilities and is therefore a valuable source of information about the production line. Therefore, SCADA control systems can cooperate with production management systems such as MES systems. PRO-CONTROL implements SCADA control systems, incl. such manufacturers as Siemens (SIMATIC WinCC, PCS7) and Wonderware (InTouch). 

DCS systems 

DCS control systems are built on the basis of SCADA systems. DCS stands for Distributed Control System, i.e. distributed automation systems. This term is used in relation to many systems that control industrial facilities allowing remote access for operators. At PRO-CONTROL, we have over 20 years of experience in implementing SCADA and DCS systems in enterprises.