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Since 1991, PRO-CONTROL provides services in the field of prefabrication of control cabinets, electrical cabinets and performs assembly works in facilities in the field of Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation.

The assembly department of PRO-CONTROL provides services both for the needs of projects carried out in the company as well as undertakes external orders relating only to assembly works.

We permanently employ several qualified electricians in the assembly department, including the head of prefabrication works and foremen responsible for site works. When carrying out large installation works, we cooperate with proven subcontractors who work under the supervision of our foremen and work manager. In this way, we successfully carried out works in which PRO-CONTROL was coordinated by a team of over 30 electricians.

We have a spacious assembly hall with an area of ​​250 m2, equipped with a loading ramp and our own transport facilities, which enable the preparation and logistics of extensive multi-field control and electrical cabinets. In addition, we have facilities for conducting FAT tests, which are carried out together with our engineers.

In the case of site-related works or modifications to existing installations and cabinets, PRO-CONTROL may introduce necessary changes and additions to the electrical documentation. We also offer this type of service, regardless of the assembly work, as an inventory and reconstruction or supplementation of documentation for existing installations.

For our clients, we provide services in the field of:

  • prefabrication of cabinets based on the provided documentation and customer standards;
  • installation inventory conducted at the customer’s site;
  • preparation of documentation based on the assumptions provided by the client;
  • implementation of installation works on the site;
  • conducting the construction of facilities in the field of Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation,
  • delivery of facility apparatus and electrical equipment;
  • technological start-up of the installation;
  • service and modernization of existing control systems. 

As part of the comprehensive implementation of works in the field of automation, PRO-CONTROL also offers design and programming services carried out in the Design Department, in which we employ approx. 20 engineers.

The PRO-CONTROL assembly team consists of highly experienced employees, possessing the necessary certificates and, above all, qualifications that allow them to perform tasks in a timely and professional manner.

PRO-CONTROL applies the highest standards in assembly and prefabrication works, which guarantee safety and ease of use by persons responsible for maintenance on the customer’s side.