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Robotized bonding aluminum profiles for the furniture factory.

In 2014, PRO-CONTROL designed a complete control system, software, and electrical equipment for automated manufacturing cell for the bonding of aluminum furniture fronts.

The stand has been implemented in a modern furniture factory. The entire process of profile assembly automation was based on the popular COMAU industrial robots – SMART NJ110 3.0 and SMART NJ40 2.5. 

Integrated with the C5G controller and wired panel, these robots are the ideal solution for palletizing and handling applications. A very important point of the task was the appropriate selection of the glue and glue system made in cooperation with the world’s leading glue producers. The next stages were the preparation of the design of the control and electrical system, the production of mechanical parts and their assembly at the target furniture factory. The project assumed complete elimination of fasteners such as corner plates, additional profiles, screws, etc. 

The furniture fronts folding station consists of the following elements: 

  • reservoir of long and short profiles, 
  • 2 manipulators for collecting profiles from bins,
  • adhesive system with dosing heads, 
  • COMAU robot – SMART NJ40 2.5 with a lifting capacity of 40 kg for transferring profiles, 
  • COMAU robot – SMART NJ110 3.0 with a lifting capacity of 110 kg for transporting windows and ready fronts, 
  • 2 assembly tables for ready profiles, 
  • 2 corner application stations, 
  • finished product buffer. 

System description

The system has been adapted to handle products with the following dimensions:

  • minimum: 280 x 280 mm
  • maximum: 2200 x 1000 mm

The efficiency of the designed device for each front size is 65 fronts per hour (without changeover time).
In addition, PRO-CONTROL delivered a control cabinet with a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 controller and a 0.37 kW frequency converter, and a Cognex VisionView 900 operator touch panel. The cameras were connected to the operator panel on which the operator interface was created. Thanks to this, the operator can set all parameters of the vision inspection, such as setting tolerance ranges, displaying the places of inspection and displaying the current width of the measured gap.


The creation of a fully automated production line allowed to increase the production efficiency of the furniture plant and limited the involvement of employees in the implementation of simple, repeatable activities related to the logistics of frame elements.

The use of an adhesive fronts allowed to completely abandon the expensive rolling without prejudice to the strength of the frame. At the same time improved the reproducibility of the bonding process and weld quality.

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