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The trend of increasing labor costs and the increasing affordability of industrial robots, which is present in the Polish economy, made our clients more and more seriously considering installing robotic applications in places where so far it was necessary to hire a few employees performing relatively simple activities of packing products into collective packaging or palletizing. background The PRO-CONTROL company, using its experience in the automation of production and packaging lines, offers customers a comprehensive service in the field of implementing robotic packaging and palletizing stations. 

We offer solutions in the field of: 

  • packing and carrying taking from the line of positioned products, 
  • picking up products arranged irregularly (applications with a vision system), 
  • transferring products between lines, 
  • fast packaging applications using delta industrial robots. 


Palletization of boxes and packages with drinks, palletization of cartons and bags, KEG and barrels palletization.