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Automation 4.0
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Pro-Control specializes in complex projects in the field of industrial automation and robotics in many industries, operating since 1991, we are a close-knit team of experienced engineers. We advise, engineer, assemble, service and integrate various systems. We often undertake extremely difficult projects and we succeed.


30 years of experience in the implementation of automation installations and electrical systems for industrial facilities.


We focus on innovation that brings measurable financial benefits.


We provide our clients with the highest quality solutions that allow for continuous improvement of production efficiency and productivity.

The scope of our activities:

Automation consulting

Automation systems engineering

Control and visualization systems for process installations

Integration/migration of digital systems

Service of industrial installations

Monitoring and analysis of production data (OEE, production media monitoring)

Engineering and implementation of production 4.0

Machine security audits

Visual quality control

Our advantage
team and many years of experience

The Pro-Control mainly implements projects based on specific requirements and adapted to customer needs.
We cooperate with: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, ABB, Omron.


We operate in many industries

Food and Beverage industry

For many years, we have been supporting food industry companies in modernization of production lines, process automation, OEE. Among our clients are bakeries, manufacture of beverages, dairy products, sweets, alcohol; SMEs and global companies.

Pharmaceutical industry

Strict regulations governing this industry necessitate the introduction of full production monitoring systems, machine settings, recipes. We implement process control systems based on PCS7, system migrations or their expansion.

Cosmetics industry

Robotization and production automation in conjunction with visual inspection systems (e.g. packaging tightness, filling level) brings tangible results for Polish cosmetics producers. Media monitoring and OEE keep costs low.

Chemical industry

It is one of the most demanding industries due to its hazardous working conditions and environmentally harmful substances. Therefore, it is necessary to modernize industrial automation, full control of parameters of production processes with the implementation of SMS alerts for key parameters.

Automotive industry

Quality defect may result in complaints recipients of components and affect the safety of the end customer. In this industry, we have many implementations using robotic vision inspection systems that allow you to verify 100% of production with the same accuracy.

Heavy industry and metallurgy

The competitiveness of this industry requires the introduction of innovations, especially in the area of reducing the negative impact on the natural environment. We have implemented modern industrial automation solutions, modernization and system integration in glass, aluminum, zinc and steel mills.

Power engineering

Access to critical process data, alarm management systems and facilitate coordination of the operation of the plant or power plant, prevent failures and reduce their time. We have performed many modernization of control systems and system migration.

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