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Gas industry

Network control system, supervision and data acquisition in the gas distribution node

In 2000, at the Gas Compressor Station, PRO-CONTROL has installed a networked control, supervision and data acquisition system. 

Client expectations: 

  • full supervision over the pressing plant, 
  • performing calculations according to procedures appropriate for the gas industry, 
  • data transmission to the RDG, 
  • industrial database. 

System description

Scope of implementation:

  • Gas driven reciprocating compressors Combustion,
  • Electric gas compressors with a capacity of 3MW, including their starting system,
  • Pipeline network,
  • Electric switchboard,
  • Cooling towers – summer and winter,
  • Water treatment station,
  • rainwater pumping station,
  • sewage treatment plant,
  • gas boiler room,
  • Office buildings.

Digital system:

  • SIMATIC by Siemens,
  • InTouch by Wonderware,

System components:

  • 8 process stations,
  • 3 operator stations,
  • InSQL Server database,
  • Suite Voyager web server.

A modern digital system allows full control over the entire pumping station with the control of all devices and technological installations.


  • 1900 I / O signals, including: AI 400 inputs inputs DI 1500
  • 2500 InTouch visualization tags,
  • 500 InSQL Server database tags.


All users of the office network, thanks to the installed analysis and presentation tools (in Polish), have access to all information stored in the database, including the ability to create charts for a selected period of time, perform reports and analyzes, create simple synoptic images.

Individual installations are operated by controllers connected by a fiber-optic network, supported by a conversion computer that performs specialized calculations of gas parameters (Gerga II procedure) and data transmission to the Gas Distribution Region.

The web server enables all services to access current information from the process, such as the condition and load of individual machines, gas flow values on the main inlet and outlet directions of the gas distribution node, the condition of the electrical switchboard, the condition of rainwater pumping stations and water treatment stations.

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