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Alcohol industry

In the alcohol industry, production management systems are important:
monitoring of production, media consumption, total effectiveness of OEE equipment, access to the most important process (and historical) data, alarms when certain values ​​are exceeded, sent to UR maintenance via SMS or e-mail. All this significantly affects costs, maintaining production continuity, reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, meeting the highest quality standards, which translates into the company’s profits. Diagnostic tools included in DCS systems also improve the technical service of the installation. Visual product quality control, e.g. checking the filling level of the bottle, the presence and tightening of the cap, product labeling – allows you to automatically eliminate defective products.

Pro-Control has performed many modernizations, installations and repairs of automation systems, examples of completed projects in the spirit industry:

  • Siemens PCS7 modernization of the control system for rectification columns in the vodka production plant
  • Implementation of a production server room for the Siemens PCS7 system – integration and implementation of access to synoptic images for key facilities
  • Visual quality control system – presence and tightening of the nut on the production line with a buffer conveyor of defective products
  • Modern installation of measurements and automation, expansion of the digital distillery automation system (including the production database server)
  • Comprehensive modernization of the alcohol production control and control system – see project description
  • The control system for the new distillation apparatus and the modernization of the rectification installation
  • Replacement of Simatic S5 drivers with a digital dcs Siemens PCS7 system
  • Bottle neck alignment control – autonomous stand
  • Replacing the depalletizer drivers
  • Installation of automation for the needs of the new distillery
  • Repair of industrial automation installations
  • Renovation of the installation of automatic compilation of vodka
  • Installation of rectification
  • Rectification columns

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