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We offer the help of our qualified engineers in launching complete safety systems for machines and production lines so that they meet all the currently applicable PN-EN standards.

Our specialists will perform a technical analysis and verification of the machine and indicate the actions necessary to ensure the safe operation of the machine in your plant. They will help in determining the client’s investment and modernization needs. Correct detection of hazards and their elimination will ensure safety for the employees operating the machines and will give measurable benefits in the form of extending the life of the machine and saving costs of its operation.

We offer:

  • analysis – assessment of the safety condition of the existing machine and risk analysis,
  • audit – conducting an audit and preparing a report with an indication of critical points,
  • adaptation – adaptation of the machine, i.e. elimination of existing threats,
  • declaration of Conformity – issuing a declaration of compliance.

PRO-CONTROL has many years of experience in the implementation of control systems and safety systems for machines and production lines.

PRO-CONTROL also received the OMRON SYSMAC SAFETY APPLICATIONS CONTEST award in 2015 for the most comprehensive and advanced Safety System application based on OMRON’s SYSMAC solutions.

The experience gained and the knowledge gained during specialist trainings in the field of construction safety and operation of industrial machines and devices allowed us to offer a safety audit service of industrial machines in the scope of their compliance with the currently applicable standards.

We conduct the risk assessment and reduction process in accordance with the scheme and recommendations contained in PN-EN ISO 12100: 2012 and PN-EN ISO 13849-1: 2016-02.

We also made many advanced installations using industrial robots, where it was necessary to ensure safe cooperation between machines and humans.