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PRO-CONTROL has been implementing projects related to the collection and analysis of data from production lines since 2000. Our experience in the field of implementing automation systems on production lines, measuring lines and co-creating software controlling the operation of machines allows us to better understand the processes that our clients want to analyze. In combination with our solutions for data presentation and analysis, we are able to provide the tools best suited to the expectations of our clients.

We encourage you to read the description of implementations: 

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System Features: 

  • economic analysis, 
  • forecasting media consumption, 
  • visualization of measurements, 
  • real-time cost control, 
  • detection of exceeded amounts of ordered media, 
  • saving information in an industrial database, generating reports displaying instantaneous values, remote web access to the system. 

Our offer: 

  • preparation of assumptions together with the client, 
  • supplementing the existing production lines and devices with the necessary elements and measuring equipment, 
  • data preparation on the controller side, 
  • communication between controllers, SCADA system and reporting application, 
  • preparation of the reporting application in accordance with the client’s guidelines, service and development of the OEE system. 

The solutions proposed by PRO-CONTROL are open and allow you to freely adjust and configure the analytical and reporting tools. 

PRO-CONTROL joined the ISI (Independent System Integrator) program by PARSEC, the producer of the TrackSYS system, in May 2020.

We can offer the TrackSYS system to customers who decide to implement a ready and standardized solution. It is a platform that enables the processing of data from control systems, their presentation and analysis with the use of prepared, configurable tools.