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Gas industry

Our clients are gas compressor stations, suppliers of technical gases as well as drilling and mining platforms. In this dynamically developing industry, integrated control and measurement solutions, modernization of old control systems, so as to maximize working time, increase efficiency and at the same time ensure safety are important.

Mobile access to production data, alerts sent to key people, remote management allow you to react faster and more efficiently. Automation and digitization in the gas industry mean risk reduction, increased efficiency and cost optimization.

Pro-Control projects in the gas and mining industry:

  • Modernization of the control of two filters – migration of the SIMATIC S5 system to SIMATIC S7
  • Network system for control, supervision and data recording
  • SIEMENS process gas chromatograph
  • Modernization of gas compressor stations
  • Software of existing Simatic S5 drivers for communication in the Telwin SCADA system
  • Expansion of the compressor station, delivery of the Simens PCS7 system and engineering station, new system software, replacement of control cabinets
  • Renovation of the efficiency control system of reciprocating compressors, updating of the control, supervision and visualization system software
  • Modernization of the monitoring and data recording system of the crude oil exploitation system on the drilling platform
  • Expansion of the supervision and visualization system with the measurement and recording of sewage flow and water pressure in the gas compressor station
  • Modernization of the reloading base and gas bottling plant

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