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Automation of production processes aims to centralize and concentrate all relevant information in the form of a single superior system. More and more often the works carried out by PRO-CONTROL are aimed at integrating individual stages of production. Centralization is an element of the idea of ​​production 4.0 

The biggest benefits of integrating production management systems: 

• The implemented MES systems make it possible to simplify the management of the entire plant, which is currently carried out from a modern central control room by only a few people using computer stations. 

• The system automatically controls all drives, implements extensive control systems, visualizes each stage of the process, signals alarm states and archives all process data. 

• MES systems enable constant monitoring of all factors influencing the quality of the final product and allow for quick identification of possible quality deviations (still at the production stage). 

• The inclusion of warehouses in the main system allows for precise control and analysis of the consumption of raw materials and energy factors as well as the assessment of the current level of installation efficiency.