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Comprehensive modernization Pharmaceutical Plant

In the years 2003-2009, PRO-CONTROL was involved in a number of modernization works carried out in the Warsaw Pharmaceutical Company.

The cooperation began with the replacement of the TSX control system by Telemecanique Granulator GLATT WSG-CP30. The necessity to replace the system resulted from its high failure rate and the loss of some functions due to the described failures. In order to reduce the costs necessary to restore the full efficiency of the machine, PRO-CONTROL has left the entire mechanical and electrical system. 

System description

The scope of works

PRO-CONTROL delivered and installeed the new controller, software and start-up of the device. The new control system is equipped with the S7-300 controller and the OP37 panel. Based only on the incomplete source program and on the basis of detailed descriptions of the machine operation provided by the investor, PRO-CONTROL has prepared new control algorithms and image proposals. Based on this, a new system was created with new, full software and the Glatt was brought back to full working order.

Successful cooperation on the first topic resulted in another one, which was the migration of the old control system of the GLATT GC1250 dragee coater, based on the S5 series controller to the S7-300 control with the TP270 touch panel. On the part of PRO-CONTROL, there was the development of technical documentation for the I&C industry to the extent necessary to modernize the control system (configuration of a new PLC, block lining for existing patch strips, addressing inputs / outputs from the controller), completion of the PLC controller and operator terminal, field installation, software and commissioning of the modernized control system.

Subsequent successful modernization works resulted in cooperation in the construction of an archiving system for data from production machines, which was implemented in the Warsaw plant. The data reporting system collects data from controllers operating in the plant. For this purpose, the existing controllers have been connected to the PROFIBUS network, which enables the connection of both S5 and S7 SIMATIC controllers and the reporting system into a uniform communication network.

Existing controllers have been extended with the necessary communication devices: a PROFIBUS communication processor suitable for the respective controller and a network connection and software enabling communication with the reporting system.

The data reporting system performs the following functions:

  • data logging started and stopped with the batch automatically by the system or manually by the operator’s command;
  • printout of recorded data automatically at the end of the batch or manually at the operator’s request at any time.

The reporting system is based on the SIMATIC WinCC software.


The new system gives the maintenance services the ability to track and record operating states and failures of individual controllers. However, more importantly, the system allows for the collection of data on production parameters, online preview in the form of graphs and trends.

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