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PMS Power Management System

PMS Power Management System is a power/energy management system in a production company. With increasing prices and greater care for natural resources, more and more companies implement process control systems in their plants. 

Enterprises should be able to monitor and record energy consumption in order to implement an energy saving plan, increase the efficiency of the installation, and plan its consumption. 

Photo PMS system visualization – Pro-Control materials. 

The PMS system enables: 

  • monitoring and archiving of parameters, 
  • forecasting energy consumption at individual production stages or in the months of the year,
  • supports the Maintenance Departments in the reliable conduct of technological processes, 
  • enables quick diagnostics of problems in energy management,
  • responding to power instability and ensuring the operation of critical sections of the installation.
Photo: Energy management with the Simatic PCS7 system – mat. Siemens 
Photo: PMS Energy Management System
Photo: Power supply for low voltage components